Simple, Humane Solutions for Complex Behavioral Problems

Hi, I’m Rachel!

My Training Strategy

My goal is to bring people and their dogs closer together by helping them overcome behavior problems in the simplest, most empathetic, and positive way possible. The most up-to-date research on dog training tells us that by listening to your dog’s body language and motivating them with delicious treats and fun games, we can overcome behavioral challenges while building stronger bonds. Those are the tools I use to help clients develop the confidence they need to guide their dogs and regain peace in their homes. I’d love to help you do the same.

Why Choose Me?

Dedication to education and professional development with five canine behavior certifications

Commitment to practical, force-free training methods that are rooted in science

Specialized knowledge and experience with fear and aggression- based behavioral challenges

Fear and Reactivity

Is your dog frozen in fear or growling, barking, and lunging at dogs or people? Are you afraid of what your dog may do?

I have a simple, humane, results-driven approach to help you get peace back into your life.

Group Training

Looking for a cost-efficient option that will allow you and your dog to practice building skills in a group setting?

Whether you have a reactive rover or a puppy ready for the next steps, I have class that’s right for you.

Puppy Training

Do you want to ensure that your puppy will grow up to love people, enjoy the company of other dogs, gladly give up his favorite stuff, and relax when he is left alone?

You can enjoy a life with your dog free of fear and aggression by laying a positive foundation.

What Clients Say

Alex, Amber and Hazel

“Rachel’s calm, focused, patient expertise has been crucial in helping us learn how to keep our 2-year-old high-energy, extremely food-motivated pit bull/hound mix happy and healthy. Rachel has taught us how to read our pup’s body language, use positive reinforcement techniques for various potential situations, and keep our pup’s brain and body occupied and content. We have become much more confident handlers thanks to Rachel’s training sessions. Additionally, her openness in answering questions fully, so we understand not only the answer but also the context and reasoning behind it, has been extraordinarily helpful.”

Kerry N.

“I love Rachel’s approach to training. She makes training a positive experience for both the people and the dogs. Her training exercises are simple, fun, and build a bond between person and pet. Rachel has expert knowledge of dog behavior and shares this with clients, as it relates to helping their pet, in a way that is easy to understand. Above all, Rachel is personally vested in the success of the dogs and their people. She is able to understand training challenges, not only as a professional, but from personal experience with her dog. Rachel’s knowledge, experience, and results with dog reactivity are particularly remarkable. Her communication is always prompt with clients, and she frequently shares valuable additional resources. It’s also worthy to note that Rachel has devoted much of her dog training career to shelter dogs and beyond in achieving success in their adoptive homes. She is lovely to work with, and the results of her approach are impressive. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a treat pouch and Rachel’s guidance.”

Alex, Caleb, and Luna

“After just a handful of lessons with Rachel, we had a toolkit full of strategies to understand better and manage our dog Luna’s reactive behavior. Rachel tailored each lesson to our dog, readjusting, and innovating along the way to figure out how to best motivate and work with her. The progress Luna has made over the past few months is nothing short of astounding. We wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to other families looking for a supportive dog trainer who truly understands reactive dogs and is dedicated to positive, evidence-based training methods.”

Emma and Clementine

“My pitty Clementine and I had a great experience in Rachel’s Reactive Rover class last summer and have continued working with her since. Rachel is supportive, patient, and understanding. She listens to the specifics of the problems you are having and offers ideas and solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. With long-term issues like reactivity, not every day can be a shining success. Rachel is always level-headed and adaptable, able to shift gears and find a way to turn every training session into a positive experience, even if Clementine is having an off day and might not be able to achieve the initial goal we’d set out. We’ve always left our sessions feeling encouraged and optimistic, and Clem is always excited to see her”!


“I’m so thankful I was connected with Rachel, who knew we had first to learn why Rocky was doing what he was doing to address it. In just a few emails and a video, Rachel was able to tell me why and what was needed to correct his behavior. Rachel was so supportive and provided me with valuable insight that I now use with Rocky and the shelter dogs. Where once my walks with Rocky used to be something that left me baffled and frustrated, now our walks (and even hikes!) are the highlight of my day. I get to enjoy being with my dog the way I always imagined I would. “

10 Ways to Survive Walks with your Reactive Dog

10 Ways to Survive Walks with your Reactive Dog

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