Fear and Reactivity Training

Teach your dog the skills they need to learn to feel safe and happy in the big, scary world.

Private Training

Get the one-on-one help you need to resolve a specific problem you can’t seem to crack.


Ready to commit? Bundle and save with our economical and efficient package options. 

Group Training

Join a structured and supportive environment to help your reactive rover learn new skills. 

Why Choose Me?

Step-by-step results-driven plans with video references to make training easy and fun

Text-video support and feedback to keep you on track

Low-cost follow-up sessions to apply what you have learned to different environments

Private Training

private fear and reactivity training

It all starts with an initial Zoom consult!

During this virtual session, I will be collecting relevant case information that will not only allow our first session to be more productive but will serve to limit your dog’s stress as they will not have to be confined during the history-taking process.

The video consult includes a review of the following:

  • Relevant case history
  • Your specific training goals
  • A working prognosis
  • Emergency management interventions
  • A follow-up email to include detailed recommendations and resources that apply to your case
  • Referrals, if needed
  • Package recommendation based on your goals and resources

This is required for all fear and aggression cases. You will be able to schedule the Initial Online Zoom Behavior Consultation after you complete the questionnaire and submit payment.

$100/75-minute initial Zoom consult


The Essentials Package

On-leash reactivity

Dog-to-dog reactivity

Resource guarding

In-home dog-dog aggression

In-home stranger danger


Three (3) 60-minute sessions

Prerequisite: Initial Zoom Consult

The Plus Package

Any behavior problems listed in the Essentials Package

Dogs who are reactive to both dogs and people

Dogs with a bite history

Dogs with more than one behavioral challenge


Five (5) 60-minute sessions

Prerequisite: Initial Zoom Consult

The Pro Package

Any behavior problems listed in the Plus Package

Dogs who have unclear triggers

Dogs with a damaging bite history

Dogs with multiple behavioral challenges


Eight (8) 60-minute sessions

Prerequisite: Initial Zoom Consult

Too busy to train?

Rachel can do the heavy lifting for you. While you’re away at work or running errands, she will come to your home and train your puppy for you. She will then transfer the skills to you to ensure that you maintain the behaviors she’s installed with addition session(s). 

Day training add-on: 

+ $100 for The Essentials and Plus Packages

+ $200 for The Pro Package

Group Classes

Reactive Rover Group Walk

A service exclusively for our clients! Pawsitive Behavior Solutions is committed to offering continued support after private sessions so our clients can reach their goals.

Are you looking for more opportunities to work your dog in a structured setup with professional supervision? Reactive Rover group walks are limited to clients who have completed a fear and reactivity package and have the skills necessary to work their dogs in more challenging environments.

What to expect:

  • How to generalize learned behaviors to new environments.
  • How to manage real-world distractions.
  • Professional feedback regarding your dog’s behavior in a new context.


Reactive Rover Class

Does your dog make a scene when they see other dogs out on a walk? Have you tried everything and feel like there is no hope?

In my Reactive Rover class, you will learn how to prevent the barking and lunging, identify what exactly sets your dog off, and teach them more appropriate alternative behaviors.

Worried that your dog would never make it in a group setting? This is not your typical group class. It provides a structured environment that keeps stress levels low for both you and your dog. Some of the behaviors that you’ll learn include:

  • Matwork/settling
  • Turn-and-go
  • Look at That
  • Find It
  • Hand-targeting
  • Leave It


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