Simple, Humane Solutions for Complex Behavioral Problems

Reactive dog and puppy training for Baltimore area dogs and guardians.

Is Your Dog or Puppy’s Behavior Causing You Stress?

Whether your new puppy is a little more than you counted on or your 4-legged best friend is struggling with fear or reactivity – it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Sometimes you need a little help learning how to help your puppy or dog become the best version of themselves. Pawsitive Behavior Solutions can provide it!

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How We Help

Fear, Aggression and Reactivity Training

Is your dog frozen in fear or growling, barking, and lunging at dogs or people?  Are they spooked by noise or guarding resources? Are you afraid of what your dog may do?

We can help you both live a more peaceful life together.

Virtual Training

Do you live outside of our coverage area? Does your reactive or fearful dog get stressed out leaving the house or unable to learn around new people? 

Our virtual training options make training as stress-free as possible for you and your furry companion.

Puppy Training

Do you want a puppy who’ll grow up to love people, enjoy dogs, gladly give up their favorite stuff, and relax when left alone?

We’ll help build a positive foundation for them to grow into a happy, confident adult dog!

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Our Training Strategy

Our goal is to provide clients with simple, humane solutions to complex behavioral challenges while strengthening their bond with their dog. The most up-to-date research on dog training tells us that by reading our dog’s body language and motivating them with food and fun games, we can overcome behavioral challenges while building stronger bonds. These are the tools we use to help clients develop the confidence they need to guide their dogs and regain peace in their homes. We’d love to help you do the same.

Happy Dog Guardians

Katherine M.

“Rachel is the best dog trainer I have worked with by a mile… She has helped us keep our dog calm and we now know how to manage our dog’s fearful behaviors more productively.”

Elliot L.

“Rachel was amazing to work with and helped bring sanity back to our lives with our high energy dog… She has given us more confidence and skills to work with our dog than I would have thought. If you’re looking for help with your pet, stop reading this review and just contact her already!”

Crystal W.

“Rachel is AMAZING. Her knowledge, experience, and patience is unparalleled. She has helped transform our multi-dog home into a happy place and has given us all of the tools necessary to continue to grow through our training.”
10 Ways to Survive Walks with your Reactive Dog

10 Ways to Survive Walks with your Reactive Dog

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