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Start your puppy off on the right path with life skills training and behavior problem prevention.

Pawsitive Behavior Solutions’ puppy training classes are the perfect foundation to developing a confident, happy dog.

Puppy Training Packages

Ready to committ? Bundle and save with our economical and efficient package options.

Group Training

Join a fun and supportive environment to continue your puppy’s socilization journey. 

Private Training

Get the one-on-one help you need to resolve a specific puppy problem you can’t seem to crack.

All dogs have a very narrow window of time to learn that the world is a safe and wonderful place. During this “critical period” (3-18 weeks), they must have positive experiences with all the things they may encounter as an adult, otherwise, they can develop fear and aggression-based problems later in life.

The puppy foundations program will give you the tools necessary to ensure that we do everything we can to raise a confident puppy who loves people and other animals, doesn’t hurt others with his teeth, and enjoys body handling!

To learn more about the importance of adequate socialization, please read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position statement on puppy socialization here


The Rookie

Socialization basics (sights and sound in the neighborhood)

Foundation behaviors like sit, down, stay, leave it, and recall

In-home skills like house- and chew-training


$35 savings

One (1) 100-min online puppy primer consultation and three (3) 60-minute in-person sessions


Everything included in the Rookie package

Intermediate socialization training (2 outings)

Resource guarding prevention exercises

Grooming and handling exercises


$75 savings

One (1) 100-min online puppy primer consultation and five (5) 60-minute in-person sessions

Hall of Fame

Everything included in the All Star package

Advanced socialization training (4 outings)

Heeling and auto-sit walking exercises

Proofing of foundation behaviors with distance, distractions and duration



$125 savings

One (1) 100-minute puppy primer consultation and eight (8) 60-minute in-person sessions

Puppy Play &

Socialization Outings

Are you nervous about taking your puppy out in the world? Do you think your puppy would love to grow on a group walk with other puppies?

Let’s conquer this together!

Group puppy outings will be limited to past or current clients with social puppies. Outings will include trips to novel environments so they can learn that the world is a safe place.


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